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The School of Management recognizes that our students lead demanding personal and professional lives. To accomodate them, our programs are structured to provide flexibility and convenience.

The same is true of prospective students. In order to assist you in making an informed decision about where to pursue your graduate degree, the University of Michigan-Flint hosts both on-campus open houses and off-campus info sessions located around Michigan.

To find the info session or open house that best fits your schedule, click on the button below:



The majority of our students are working professionals with demanding schedules. Our courses are offered in...

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The Investment

Cost Benefit Analysis is a core practice used in business to determine the benefits of an endeavor. When applied to...

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Your Network

Connections are vital to your professional success. Our small class sizes allow you to develop a strong...

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Pro Faculty

From being globally recognized as one of the top five most productive scholars in business ethics research to being...

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The School of Management has been recognized by BusinessWeek and Princeton Review as having outstanding business programs. We offer the quality and prestige you expect from the globally recognized and respected University of Michigan name.


Engage with a diverse group of students with backgrounds in engineering, manufacturing, health and medicine, the arts, technology, military, and law. In addition, interact with our faculty instructors who are truly "Leaders and Best" - experienced, tested, and respected experts in their fields.


Experience the effects of globalization on foreign economy, society, and culture, through first-hand interaction with international students from our partnership institutions, unique Study Abroad trips (China, India, Japan/Taiwan, Netherlands, and Russia) and exclusive International Exchange programs.